Tuesday, September 6, 2011

and the verdict is ....


Not only was Charleston AMAZING, so were our friends/tour guides Sarah and Scott!!  Thank you so much for an amazing time, it couldn't have been more perfect!!  We truly appreciate all the time you put into planning things out and of course for your wonderful hospitality.  

We covered A LOT of ground over the weekend, so to keep you all y'all interested I am going to break it up over the next few days.  


Our flight didn't leave from Albany Airport until noon, so we had some time to have breakfast and of course get to the airport an hour and a half early because I am paranoid!! Since this airport is extremely small, we killed some time by trying to guess what all the animals were in my bag of animal crackers(not as easy as you think)!! We are losers, I know.

Flights went extremely well, one quick plane switch in Baltimore to a jammed packed flight(guess that's what we get for flying Labor Day Weekend), but the flight attendant loosened us all up with this announcement ...   "We are a full flight today, every seat will be taken so make a new friend or a lovvvveeee connection!!!!"

Sarah kindly picked us up at the airport and after going back to her house, meeting up with Scott and changing we headed out for the night.

First stop was Westbrook Brewery, where we started off with the White Thai(my favorite and the only name I remember of all the beer we tasted) then took a tour!! It was huge!  My brother would have loved it.    

Next we were off to downtown!!!

Dinner at Amen Street was delicious. 

Then it was Market Pavilion Hotel Pavilion Bar for drinks.  Here are a few pictures of us on the roof top:

Sarah and Scott 

Trevor and I 

Then it was back to Sarah and Scott's place to rest up for Saturday!!  First night in Charleston was a definite success!!! Stay tuned for more of our adventure!! 


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