Friday, January 27, 2012

Run, Run, Run

Recently, I have been trying to get into running.  As mentioned here I did a 5k last year with my sister and would really like to do a 10k this April and possible a half-marathon in September.

I have been using the Couch to 10k app on my phone:


So far so good :) I have even been running a little more than it says so hopefully I can be ready in less than 14 weeks.

I found this awesome 5k in New York that I would also love to do called The Color Run

Here is the run down ... It is a 5k for any level ... runner or walker ... young or not so young.  Everyone starts off the run in a white t-shirt and at each kilometer a different color is thrown from the crowd.  

Don't worry it is not paint.  It is a "magical color dust" that is 100% natural and safe. 

Anyone interested in running this with me?  The New York race is on August 25th and registration starts February 1st.  

Let's Run Peeps!!!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weekend Rewind

Hello All!! This past weekend was the first weekend we have had in months to just hang out together.  With the holidays, holiday parties and work it has been impossible.  Now that things have slowed down we are excited to get back into the swing of things.

Friday night we ordered food from one of our favorite local places, Legends Cafe.  The menu is great, food is inexpensive, but delicious and they deliver!!  Since it was delivery, we refused the leave the apartment to go to red box and paid an outrageous amount to rent a movie on demand.

Lucky it was a really good movie, both Trevor and I enjoyed it a lot.  Perfect date night movie.

On Saturday, we did our second wedding registry at Bed, Bath and Beyond.   Registering is so much fun(for me anyway)!!

Last night we even got all of our save the dates ready to be sent out (my sister made it the easiest task ever by printing return and address labels for us!! Love you!)  Trevor was great and volunteered to pick up stamps:

Unfortunately, this is what happens when you send a guy
out to buy stamps.  He swears they were the only ones they
had other than Christmas themed stamps.  I don't know about you, but I
find it very hard to believe that the Post Office ran out
of regular stamps.  Gotta love him :)

Sorry I digress with wedding ranting, back to the weekend... Saturday night we went to the movies to see Contraband:

Who doesn't love Mark Wahlberg? 

The movie was pretty good, but we went to the new Clifton Park Theater and it was PACKED.  We thought we spent a lot renting a movie On Demand, but $22 to see a movie plus $10 in snacks is just CRAZY!! 

Sunday was a day of football and crock pot chicken wings.  They turned out ok, but we had to put them in the oven for about 30 minutes to crisp them up.  We enjoyed them, but decided fried wings are so much better and sooo worth it!

After watching football, I couldn't sit down anymore!! Trevor tells me I don't know how to relax.  So we dusted off the Wii and played Michael Jackson the Experience for 2 hours.  Who needs the gym when you can dance for 2 hours?  So much fun!!

Weekends off are seriously the best!!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Favorites!

I have recently become obsessed with a few things.  All these things help with my commitment to wellness!

1. Quinoa ( pronounced keen-wah).

pic from here 

We replaced couscous with quinoa in one of our favorite dinner recipes and I fell in love.

Please ignore the horrible presentation (as my brother so kindly pointed
out when I sent him this picture) I was starving!

I made it with shelled edamame for lunch and it gave me tons of energy for the rest of my day.  Quinoa is a great source of protein and dietary fiber.  It is also gluten-free!!

According to this site you can also make popcorn from quinoa!! Popcorn is my favorite food, I am definitely going to have to try this!!

2.  Apple Cinnamon Chobani

pic from here

I LOVE Chobani and was so excited to see this new flavor.  It is the perfect blend of apple and cinnamon.  I just purchased the Blood Orange today and can't wait to try it.  Chobani is on sale at Target for $1 for the next two weeks,  I have been stocking up.

3. Up by Jawbone

I purchased the Up by Jawbone right after the new year and it has been great.  The Up is a band you wear that tracks your sleep, activity and meals.  I need to get better tracking my meals, but I find the sleep tracker and activity tracker fascinating:

this is a typical day working in retail, but
you can also put it in activity mode and track your workout

The Up by Jawbone can do so much more, but I haven't used it enough to write a full review.  To read more about it just visit the website:  Up by Jawbone

Anyone have good recipes for Quinoa?  Own a Jawbone, what do you think?

Hope everyone has a great day off tomorrow or if you are working like me, try not to hate everyone who posts about their great 3 day weekend!! 


Wednesday, January 11, 2012


This post is going to be very random and all over the place, so my apologies for the scattered thoughts.

Random Thought #1
We got our new, king size bed today!! Can't be more excited!!! EKKK!!
Sleep ... Good Sleep ... Finally!!!!!

We have been sleeping on my old queen size and it has slowly been falling apart (probably didn't help when I cut the box spring in half to fit in my old apartment, oops!).

Ok, enough about the bed ...

Random Thought #2
We had a FAB four day weekend

Friday we had a wedding to go to in Troy, NY.  Congrats Jason & Courtney!! We had so much fun and danced a lot.  It was a beautiful wedding and great to see some friends.

((those are some serious dance moves right there))

On Saturday, we drove down to Newburgh, NY to see my parents.  Every year my parents throw a Christmas party with all of our close friends and neighbors from when we were younger.  It was great to see everyone.

Random Thought #3

As a part of my New Years Resolution commitment to wellness I am going to run a 10k in April.  I really want to be able to run a half marathon by September, so I figured I better start somewhere.  Last year I ran a 5k with my sister and loved the feeling of finishing it.

More next time about eating clean, training mean and living lean!!

Now it is time to get some great sleep in our new bed. 


Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Resolutions .... Lame or Motivating??

For us ... MOTIVATING!!!  We each made  2 resolutions each for this year.


1. Become healthier ... mind and body

2. Absolutely NO texting and driving!!

I really try not to do it, but at stop lights I get bored.  
From now on ... 
My phone will go in my purse the back seat.


1. Learn to golf 

2. Don't be so defensive in arguments 

umm ... I have no picture for this.

Do you think resolutions are lame or motivating? What are you resolutions? 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!

We are excited to welcome 2012, it is going to be another GREAT year!  We spent our New Years Eve at home this year and it was perfect.  PJs, home cooked dinner and drinks.  
Happy New Year to all!!