Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Weekend Part 2

And the Adventures continue ...

On Saturday, we had lunch at Ravenous in Saratoga.  The place was hopping and now I know why.  It was the most delicious lunch I have ever had!!!  It was so good, I didn't take any pictures because I couldn't stop eating.  Their speciality is crepes... breakfast crepes, lunch crepes and dessert crepes.  We chose lunch crepes, but I can't wait to go back for a dessert crepe.  

I had the Crepe Heloise - Crepe filled with mild goat cheese, grape tomatoes, scallions & fresh basil.  Since crepes are warm, the goat cheese was melted.  I loved every bite of it.

Trevor had the Grandfather's Garden - Crepe stuffed with portobello mushrooms,  fresh basil, diced tomatoes, roasted garlic and mozzarella cheese.  He was equally in love with his crepe and  I will have to take his word for it since I couldn't tare myself away from mine to try his. 

It you are ever in Saratoga Springs, NY stop by Ravenous for a delish crepe, you won't be disappointed.  

Ok enough raving about Ravenous.  

I forgot to mention a little stop in the saratoga tourist store  my favorite store before lunch where I saw these adorable little guys:

After lunch, we marched our full bellies back to my favorite store to buy these adorable little guys because in my exact words, "I couldn't go home without them."

Saturday night we went to Hibachi dinner with Trevor's co-workers. Great food with great company, couldn't ask for more :)


My sister, brother-in-law and nephew came over for some quality time.  My sister, Christina and I hit up the bridal show at Longfellows in Saratoga to try to find and florist.  We were in and out in under an hour, which was OK with me because I got to spend more time with this little guy:

He is such an entertainer!! Love him!!  What a great way to end the weekend!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weekend Part 1

This weekend was absolutely Fabulous!! 

After a long week at work, a co-worker of mine invited me to try "hot yoga" at E Studio Hot Yoga.  The class stated at 5:45pm and is called Happy Hour!! How fun is that!  I have never tried hot yoga and it has been years since I took a yoga class.  This class was great, it go up to about 82 degrees (was suppose to be 90) in the room and we did a lot of flexibility and balance moves I have never tried before.  The only downside was the price, at $17 a class I am not sure how often I will go.  

After yoga, it was home to relax with Trevor for the night.  

Saturday, we woke up at 8am EARLY (early for me on a weekend off) and had a "gym date" then headed over to the Troy's Farmers Market.  

The market is all indoors during the winter, but I definitely prefer an outdoor market.  We walked around fairly quickly and only walked away with a jar of Almond Butter from Saratoga Peanut Butter Company

I had a hard time spending money on things like pesto and salsa when I can just make it myself.  I am thinking about making some almond butter myself now too, but at least I know this almond butter is organic with nothing added:

After the farmers market we walked over to the new vegan bakery in Troy, Xs and Os Bakery.  We decided on some cupcakes:

Trevor had the Tiramisu Cupcake
It was very yummy.  

I had the chocolate cream filled cupcake Hostess Cupcake

Also very yummy, but the Tiramisu was the winner of the two.  The
cupcakes were a lot more moist then I would have expected and tasted just like
the real deal.  I wouldn't be opposed to trying some different

After our cupcakes we headed back up to Saratoga for lunch (yes, we had cupcakes before lunch).  More about our lunch in Saratoga and other weekend adventures to come!

Have you ever had vegan/gluten free cupcakes?? 
Thinking I should try to make some


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snow Snow Go Away

Snow Snow Go Away 

This stuff is absolutely disgusting.... Yes, it looks pretty, but in a few hours I have to clean all that snow off my car and drive to work in it.  We have been fortunate enough not have a lot of snow this year, but I can't wait until my weather forecast looks like this in March:

Gosh ... Trevor and I can't wait to live there.  68 degrees and sunny!! Hellllloooo bike riding and running outside in March!

Do you love or hate the snow??