Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tune In

What we are tuning into:

1. Books

Trevor is just finishing up the first book of 
The Hunger Games.

We are very excited to go see the movie when it comes

I have finished The Hunger Game series and am now

It is very interesting so far.  A lot of "technical" terms, but I am
beginning to become very interested in how we work out and what we eat
effects our body.

2. TV

Bethenny Ever After started a couple of weeks ago.  
Bethenny and her husband, Jason 
are so funny and we love to see their interaction.

American Idol has just begun the Top 24.  We are a little unsure of the talent
this season, but we will see.

3. Movies

Trevor took me to see The Vow last weekend :)
He is such a great man with a lot of patience for the things that make
me happy.  

This weekend we are most likely going to see Safe House.  I promised Trevor
we can go see if after he sat through the vow and even said "It wasn't
that bad" at the end. 

4. Music 
A slightly embarrassing fact ... I put "Rack City" by 
Tyga on my Workout playlist.
Please don't judge me. 

Can't wait for this weekends events ... Gym Date, Troy's Farmers Market, Dinner with Trevor's co-workers, Bridal Show and quality time with my sister, brother-in-law and of course the cutest little man ever, my nephew. 


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Falling In Love All Over Again

Valentine's Day 

Valentine's Day was another great day.  We decided against fighting the crowds at restaurants and stayed in for a romantic evening.  Last year for Valentine's Day I made Trevor red velvet cupcakes and he insisted on them again this year (I am beginning to think this will be a tradition he would like to keep). 

Glorious Treats has a lot of great recipes for desserts.  I used both the cupcake and the frosting recipe from this site.
-  frosting 

For my chocolate garnishes:

1. Lined a baking sheet with parchment paper 
2. Melted chocolate chips in the microwave ( 30 seconds then stir then 20 seconds and stir)
3.  Filled a squeeze bottle with the melted chocolate and created my designs on the parchment paper
4. Put the baking sheet in the freezer for about 2 hours
5. Once the chocolate set, they came off the parchment paper very easily

Trevor surprised me with beautiful roses and chocolate! What a guy :) 

We originally planned on cooking dinner, but after making the cupcakes a mess in the kitchen we decided to order in sushi from Duo.  We have never actually been in the restaurant, but they are just down the road and deliver.  

Sushi, wine, cupcakes, chocolate and my love ... definitely my idea of a perfect Valentine's Day.  

Can't wait for this weekends getaway to NYC!! Have a fantastic weekend 


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Looking forward

We have some excited adventurous coming up that we are looking forward to:

1. Valentines Day

Nothing like a day that says I Love You all over again!  Yes, I realize how corny that is and before Trevor I HATED Valentines Day.  Loving someone special can be the most amazing thing in the world so don't ever pass that up no matter how "corny" people think you are!! We don't go all out for Valentines Day, but a nice home cooked meal, red velvet cupcakes, a bottle of wine and possible a movie is all we need.  

Oh yea ... lots of chocolate too!

2. NYC!!

February 18th we are going down to NYC for the night for a little romantic get-a-way!!!! YAH!!!  We haven't decided on where we are going to have dinner yet, but we are open for suggestions ... please share some!!!

We are going to see a musical called Memphis

A little extra bonus for this weekend in NYC is going to brunch Sunday morning with one of my best friends, Michele. 

She is currently going to school at FIT and I haven't seen her since last summer :( ... Can't wait to catch up and for her and Trevor to meet.  

3. Stay-Cation 

We have planned a week long "stay-cation" in March to relax and spend some QT together.  We are also trying to get at least one item on our Bucket List crossed off during that week.   We are thinking either go to a gun range or ride in a hot air ballon.  There will also be lots of relaxation, spring cleaning and wedding planning going on this week!!

Gun Range or 
Hot Air Balloon Ride??

Hope everyone is having a GREAT weekend!!  Don't forget to fall in love with someone or something on Tuesday 


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tuning In

Books, Magazines, Music, Movies, TV, Social Networking, Blogging ... ( I think you get where I am going) are all great outlets.

Here is what we are Tuning In to right now:


I am currently on the 2nd book of the Hunger Games.  I have equally liked both the first and the second book, but I have heard that the last one is a lot more depressing.

Trevor is on the last book of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series.  He has loved these books, but I could not  get past the 2nd chapter of the 1st one.

Trevor plans on reading the Hunger Games next.

I am going to read the last book of the Hunger games, but then I have no idea what to read!

I was thinking about reading another series written by Suzanne Collins(author of the Hunger Games), but I am not sure if I will enjoy it.  They are called The Underland Chronicles which is a five books series of fantasy novels about a boy that falls under the earth.  I have never been into "fantasy" but I do like similar ideas (Harry Potter, Twilight ...).


On Friday, we plan to rent 50/50 for date night.  Any thoughts about this movie?

We both would also like to see:

Hopefully I can get through the movie, I heard it's a little scary... ekkk!

When it comes out on March 23rd! Can't wait!!

I am thinking about reading this book first and possible waiting to watch 
this one at home when it comes out to rent.


I am so excited to see some of my friends join the Blog World!  Some new Blogs that I am super excited to start following:

-Jessica has actually been blogging since October, but
I am still excited about it!

Have a great suggestions for books, movies, blogs or anything else for us?  Let us know! We love hearing new ideas.