Monday, October 8, 2012

Our First Week(s)

Our First Two Weeks of Marriage
Our First Week of Life in Charleston 

Married Life:
Life has been crazy wonderful!! We got married on September, 21st and it has been a whirlwind, but we have been making sure to enjoy life as newlyweds as we go.  We had two weeks before getting back to work to enjoy marriage (and move).  We don't have lots of pictures from the wedding, but here are a few of our favorites to hold you over:

 Some pictures taken by friends and family

One by our amazing photographer 
"Fairytales Do Come True"
Thank You Kathy for taking such an amazing photo.

Favorite things about being married??
 1. Calling each other husband/wife!  Nothing beats it!  The best is introducing one another as that. 

 2. When we tell people we got married two weeks ago they get so excited and are even nicer to us.  We even got a free lunch/drinks from strangers fellow Bills Fans at the bar one day.

Not so favorite things about marriage??
1. Changing last name and martial status - It makes it worse because we are changing our residence from NY to SC too.  We have spent wayyyy too much time in lines at the DMV, Bank, Social Security Office, ect.. 

2. We are too happy to think of anything else :) 

Life in the South:
Adjusting to living in the South has been both fun and different.  We have explored A LOT and have run lots errands.  Employees at Target and Harris Teeter are beginning to recognize us when we are there.

Favorite Things About Living In Charleston:
1. We haven't had a bad meal!! We are been to:
           - Magnolias for lunch, downtown Charleston
           - Red Drum for dinner, Mt. Pleasant 
           - Huck's Lowcountry Table, Isle Of Palms 
           - Mellow Mushroom Pizza, Mt Pleasant (had as takeout) 

2.  We had our first official beach day on Saturday at Isle Of Palms and it was gorgeous!  We LOVE the beach!!

3. When people ask us where we are visiting from we get to say "oh we live here." 

4. We love our new apartment - we promise to have pictures/videos soon for you, we are just waiting to hang some pictures up and possibly paint a little. 

Things we are still adjusting to:
1. SPEED!! As we were warned, things move a lot slower in the South.  

2. Motorcyclist don't wear helmets?!? weird and unsafe. 

3. Foodie things:  
      - NO POLAND SPRING water!! Tragedy, serious tragedy.  They sell gross Deer Park.  
      - Can't find a goat cheese like the "Drunken Goat Cheese" we love from back home :( 

To wrap this us ... 
Married Life in Charleston is GREAT!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

We Made It!!

We are so happy to say that Charleston, SC is our new


On Thursday, September 27th we drove down to Charleston.  Here are some fun
video clips from our drive down South!!

And this is what happens when you are really bored ...

(we are completely aware of what dorks we are)

We can't wait to share the before and after videos of our new apartment!!

Beach Day Friday??  

p.s. we are 10 minutes from the beach!! Why wouldn't you want to move here?!