Friday, August 3, 2012


It is AUGUST!!!!!
(can you feel my excitement?!?)

There are a lot of good things happening in August, here is the rundown:

August 11th
 My amazingly beautiful sissy's 30th birthday!
We are going to Boston for the weekend to celebrate
this beauty! I can't wait, it is going to be an awesome weekend
with some great people! I can't wait to 
celebrate my fab sister's birthday!

August 21st
One Month until our BIG day
 I hear wedding bells!!

August 22nd
 My 2nd wedding dress fitting. 
 I am really excited to see what the alterations look like.  
Please keep your fingers crossed for me!!

Sorry no sneak peeks of the dress here since I know
my future hubby is reading over my 

August 24th
 Leaving for VEGAS!!!!! I am so exciting to finally go to Vegas
with my sister! It is going to be so much fun with
my favorite person.

I can't wait to share all my great times from August with all of you.  

Have you ever been to ....

Favorite spots in either one of these cities you want to share?


Vegas Countdown: 20 days!!

Wedding Countdown: 48 days!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tuesday Date Night

The last thing we want to do when the sun is shinning is sit in our apartment. 
After work we went for a walk downtown

We stumbled across a new brewery downtown.  It was their
"soft" opening.  

check out their site:

The drawing on the home page gives you a really great idea of what the place looks like.
It was an old alleyway, now open for outdoor seating.  They have a full bar and seating inside as well.

We were treated like royalty here.  Our waiter was awesome, he made sure we had good seating out of the sun and made sure we were happy with everything.  After dinner Trevor and  I went inside to check things out.  The manager, Drew came up and offered to give us a tour and also gave us some good size samples of the beers we didn't try at dinner.   Here is the run down on Druthers ...

Let's start with the beer:

Trevor had the "All In IPA"
and loved it!  

I had the Brevity Wit
and loved it!  I am a wheat beer kinda girl so I 
was very happy this was a choice.

We both sampled the "Last Straw Pilsner" and "Simple Truth Porter."  Let me say this ... I HATE, HATE, HATE dark beer, but the "Simple Truth Porter was amazing!! There was a strong coffee taste to it and we both loved it!

For Dinner:

Trevor had the Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos 
I didn't try them, but he said they were really good.  He loves some spice and 
these were definitely spicy. 

I had From The Garden Mac & Cheese
This was seriously the best "grown up" Mac & Cheese I have
ever had.  There were tomatoes, summer squash and mushrooms in it.  I ate every 
last bit.  

We loved this place and will be coming back to try more beer and food.  I am so happy
that we went out for a walk and found this place.  If you live in the area
check this place out!! You won't be disappointed. 


Vegas Countdown: 22 days!!

Wedding Countdown: 50 days!!