Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our New Addition!!!

We are excited to announce our exciting news!
(no... we are not having a baby, even though it feels like we have a newborn)

We would like you to meet ...


Thurman is a Vizsla who was born on September, 30 2012. 
We love him so much already! 

Thurman loves to:

with his toys or anything he can get his paws on when we are not looking

We can't wait until he has all his shots so we can take him to the dog park and beach to run free.
Right now we run around the apartment or around the block.  He gets tired pretty quickly because he is just a little one, but soon enough we will be training for marathons! 

I have never seen a dog that loves to cuddle so much! Vizsla's have been giving the nickname
"velcro" dog because they need to be attached to their people all at all times.  Thurman has lived up to this name!

We can't wait to have LOTS of adventures with our new little guy! 


  1. OMG - he's amazingly beautiful"! Aunt Mary Ellen

  2. I love him already, he is really beautiful! Another great addition to our grand dog collection! This makes FIVE!