Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Day Downtown

Yesterday, the sun was shinning here in Charleston!!

Thurman needed to get out and socialize a little bit (he has become quit the homebody)....

So, we went downtown for a walk and to watch the Charleston Holiday Boat Parade.  There are viewing points all over the Charleston area, where you see boats decorated with lights and holiday cheer.  How much fun!!!

Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures of the parade because the puppy was sleeping on my lap, but here is one I found online:

pic via here

Before the parade we took a stroll down King St. to see all the holiday decorations.  I love downtown already, but with all the lights, wreaths, bows and cheer... I love it even more!

Thurman was a HUGE hit downtown.  So many people stopped to give him lots of love and of course ask "what kind of dog is that?"  

Poor little guy got tired pretty quickly, we had to take turns carrying him.  He LOVES to be held and to snuggle up. 

Someone was really sleepy!  

It was a GREAT Saturday in Charleston.  There are so many events going on to celebrate the holidays, I wish we could go to them all!! Here is a great list of all the holiday events

We are thinking of going to Festival of Lights on James Island, Holiday Pub Crawl and Mt. Pleasant Holiday Market then Holiday Parade next.

What are your favorite things to do during the holidays? 


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  1. My favorite thing to do is be home by the tree & occasionally go out for a drink with my hubby on the spur of the moment! My other favorite thing is to spend time with my kids,not always possible but I remember when we were always together & it makes me smile! Love you and Thurman too!