Sunday, July 22, 2012

Track Season is Here Folks!!

It is officially Track Season here in 
Saratoga Springs, NY!!!
We were unable to go to open day on Friday because of work,
but we hit up the races
on Saturday.  

This is a picture from last year 
(I didn't take a pictures of the actually
races this year ... oops!)

Enjoying the race 

Making some bets 
Losing all our money!

Despite the fact that we only won ONE of about twenty-five bets (a whopping $1.99 win) we had a wonderful time.  

Saturday night we went to Scallions for dinner, a local restaurant with lots of healthy and gluten free options.  The food was great and we even got a free round of drinks because Trevor was 0-2 on ordering beers they were out of. 

Saratoga was mobbed all weekend, but we did get out for an afternoon walk on Sunday to enjoy some of the sunshine.  After a few stops in the local shops, I found this little gem that I had to have for $22.

ceramic popcorn bowl!

"That's All Folks!!" is written on the bottom
of the bowl :)

Trevor loves when I make popcorn on the stove.  Once you have stovetop popcorn, you will seriously never go back to eating the microwavable crap in a bag! 

Have you ever been to a horse race in Saratoga? What is your favorite part?

Do you make your popcorn on the stove or in the microwave? Any special toppings
you would recommend?? 

Vegas Countdown: 32 days!!

Wedding Countdown: 60 days!!


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  1. Popcorn on the stove all the way!!!! It was my snack before bed growing up! Microwave popcorn tastes like cardboard to me.

    I don't use butter anymore, just salt. When I'm feeling crazy I'll put some frank's red hot sauce or vinegar on top. :)