Bucket List

We have a pretty lengthy bucket list and maybe one day we will be able to say we accomplished it all.  We hope you enjoy reading about our adventurous as much as we enjoy experiencing them.  Here we go ... they are in no particular order, just what came to mind as we wrote: 

Sky Diving
Backpack through Europe
Bike Tour
Drive across country
Learn to Surf
Go Sailing
Visit ALL 7 Natural Wonders of the World
Run a Marathon
Become a triathlete.
Go to a gun range
Learn Spanish
Ride in a hot air balloon
Go on a helicopter ride
Ride the 10 largest roller coasters in the world
Ride the world’s largest Ferris Wheel
See the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
Visit all Fifty of the United States
See Mount Rushmore
Go to the Pike Place Market in Seattle
Visit all 7 continents
Learn to play chess
Fly kites
Solve the Rubik’s Cube
Learn to juggle
Make a list of 100 books we want to read and read them
Get our Masters
Learn ballroom dancing
Build a Habitat for Humanity Home
Go to 100 Bills Games 
Spend a weekend at a 5 star spa
Start our own business 
Get Married
Go to New York Fashion Week
Attend the Super Bowl
Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
Go horseback riding on the beach
Go Zip Lining
Witness a solar eclipse
Become a parent
Go on safari
Go to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC.
Go to the Kentucky Derby
Ohio State vs. Michigan football game